Network Information and Embedded Systems Security Center of Academic Excellence (NIESS-CAE)

Cyber Security issues appear daily in media reports. These highlight the scope of the problem and urgent need for additional expertise. Federal state and local leaders agree on the extent of the challenge and the demand for skilled personnel. 

Morgan State University is surrounded by government institutions charged with addressing the cyber security challenge. These include NSA, DISA, US Army RDECOM, CECOM, and others. NSA estimates the need for more than 10,000 additional skilled personnel in this field. Cyber Security Engineering represents an emerging discipline that will mature over decades as information technology changes and the security challenge is understood and addressed. It is well understood that there are already offerings in this area. However the scale of the market in this field is much greater than current offerings. Further, the presence of Morgan with the highest graduation rate of African American Electrical Engineers will open the cyber security market to this community.

MSU's Network Information and Embedded Systems Security Center of Academic Excellence (NIESS-CAE) is designed to provide a portal through which our students and faculty can learn about reducing vulnerabilities in our national information infrastructure. By promoting Cyber Defense related education and research through this center, we expect to produce a growing number of professionals with expertise in various Cyber Defense disciplines.

We have established a process that:

  • Provides programs in the field of Cyber Defense education at the graduate and undergraduate levels.
  • Continuously improves the quality of our Cyber Defense program, curriculum, faculty and students.
  • Provides the Nation with a pipeline of qualified students eager to become Cyber Defense professionals.