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Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

This introductory passage will give you a sense of our department's key attributes that make us one of the most competitive departments on a national scale.

Our department strives to be at the forefront of both innovative research and creative pedagogy that, in turn, provides a rich, dynamic academic environment for our undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty and staff give the highest priority to servicing students to help prepare our graduates for life-long learning, empower them to succeed in graduate school and to excel and lead in their professional careers. The implementation of this philosophy assures a high degree of interaction between the faculty and students at all levels. We have dedicated faculty who hail from diverse academic origins and possess a broad span of research interests. Our technical interactions with industry and government are increasingly important to maintain the relevance of our graduate and undergraduate programs. We value the guidance of these entities as we work together to help satisfy the demand for quality highly-skilled engineers to enter the national and global workforce. Our alumni are an extremely important part of this program, supplying the resources and support through various mechanisms including philanthropic and mentoring actions. Review further the information regarding our research, educational programs, and accomplishments. I invite you to explore these pages and hope that there is something here that will bring us to meet in the near future. Please don't hesitate to contact the department office for additional information.

Most Sincerely,

Chair - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering