Thesis/Dissertation Submission Process

Hello Masters and Doctoral Candidates.  Congratulations on your near completion of the manuscript and defense for your Thesis or Dissertation!  Now it's time for you to start working with the School of Graduate Studies to submit it for final approval, copyright, and publication.  This process is a several step process in which you will need to submit five forms to the School of Graduate Studies.  Those forms, in order, are as follows:

  1. INTRODUCTION: Satisfactory Completion & Submission Checklist (Learn about the gradETD process)
  2. REVIEW: SGS List of Common Errors (Find out what NOT to do!)
  3. ANNOUNCE: Intent to Defend (Tell us when you are defending your work)
  4. REPORT: Request for Deposit (Show us the approvals of your defense and your manuscript)
  5. PUBLISH: ETD Process Instructions (Get instructions to upload your work to our official ProQuest ETD site)

Get started now by emailing and let us know that you would like to get started on the process. In your email, please tell us the name of your Committee Chairperson as well as the name of your Graduate Coordinator for your Program.  You will then receive your first two DocuSign forms from gradETD soon thereafter in your email. 

After you complete the first two forms, you will be sent Form #3 and and Forms #4/5 will be sent together thereafter.

With the gradETD process, the only time you will need to visit the School of Graduate Studies will be to deliver your original sigature pages (unless of course you mail them!).  Of course, if you have any questions at all regarding the process please do not hesitate to email  We are happy to help as much as we can.

NOTE: Defense of your Thesis/Dissertation may be no later than two weeks prior to the deadline for submission to the School of Graduate Studies (October 8, 2021) to be considered for Fall 2021 graduation.  This time is imperative for appropriate planning and correction prior to submission and eventual graduation.  As such, Theses/Dissertations that are defended later than two weeks prior to the School of Graduate Studies deadline for submsision may not be approved for graduation in that term.  The deadline for submission of Theses/Dissertations to the School of Graduate Studies for Fall 2020 is October 22, 2021), 3:30pm EDT.

Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your brilliant work!