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Graduation & Retention

Graduation & Retention

Once we've attracted students, it's important that we keep them and that we get them through to graduation. SGJC keeps an eye on both its retention rates and graduation rates.

Retention Rate

Retention data are collected on students who enter Morgan State University in the fall semester as first time, full-time freshmen. The percentages of those students who return in the following fall are reported as the retention rate. Students who transfer to Morgan, students who enter as first time, full-time freshmen in any academic term other than fall semester and part time students are not captured in retention rate data. At present, the university's retention rate stands at 76%. SGJC's overall rate also stands at 76%.

View chart of SGJC's and MSU's retention rates.

Graduation Rate

Graduation rates are computed on the basis of six-year cohorts which is how they are reported to the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). By that definition, the six-year graduation rate for the 2013 cohort would be based on the percentage of that cohort who graduated by May of 2019. The four-year and five-year rates are also reported.

Because it began operations only in 2013, SGJC's first full cohort graduated in May of 2019. Of that first cohort, however, 19 percent graduated in four years. An additional 25 percent graduated after five years. SGJC's six-year graduation rate was 50 percent. In other words, 50 percent of SGJC's freshmen entering the university as first time full-time students in the fall of 2013 had graduated by May of 2019. To place the SGJC rate in perspective, the university's overall graduation rate for the 2013 cohort was 43 percent.

View chart of SGJC's and MSU's graduation rates.