The Office of Residence Life and Housing

Effective June 11, 2021, we have activated a waitlist for housing in order to plan accordingly. We are initiating a number of approaches to manage current housing inventory and acquire additional accommodations to support students seeking to reside in University Managed Housing. We do expect additional spaces to become available. However, the exact number of potential vacancies is difficult to determine at this time. Waiting list applicants will be offered housing based upon the date an application was received and as housing becomes available. As we explore all available options, please be advised that we will keep you updated via our Residence Life and Housing website. Thank you for your attention in this matter..

Please click here for instructions to apply. 

***Please be advised that the current housing and meal plan cost are subject to change.***

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The Office of Residence Life & Housing (ORLH) at Morgan State University supports and is an integral part of the educational and social development of our students. Additionally, we provide a safe and comfortable living environment that enhances the academic success and achievements of our students.

At Morgan State University, students who are a part of the residential community are afforded a variety of opportunities for personal growth and development. We accomplish this through both structured and informal programs, and leadership opportunities throughout the academic year.

The term "residence hall" is a source of pride for those who work in The Office of Residence Life & Housing. It is based on the idea that in-class instruction is only a part of the college student's academic experience. Research has shown that 60% of a college student's time is spent outside of the classroom.

The foundation of our Residence Life program is student academic success. We provide an educational setting that integrates classroom and interpersonal development into a holistic learning experience. We also provide a living-learning environment that is conducive to the educational growth and personal development of the student.

We seek to build a community that inspires life experiences, citizenship, and personal growth. It is important to us that we realize our stake in the development of tomorrow's leaders.

Student success is our foundation!

Dr. Douglas Gwynn
Director, Residence Life