About the College

The mission of the Dr. Clara Adams Honors College is to recruit, retain, and graduate students who have demonstrated scholarly accomplishment, high motivation, and a desire to achieve at the highest levels. By developing and facilitating activities that create and maintain a superlative learning environment, the College seeks to fulfill the University's commitment to "Growing the Future, Leading the World."

The Dr. Clara Adams Honors College at Morgan State University is the intellectual incubator for academically-advanced students who choose to matriculate at one of the nation's premier Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). By exposing its students to enhanced curricula, unique learning opportunities and environments, and a culture of inquisitiveness, the College will produce a diverse population of critical thinkers who are not only civically engaged, but also prepared to be highly-competitive, thoughtful, and resourceful leaders in a global, interdependent society.

The Dr. Clara Adams Honors College is a vital academic entity dedicated to the realization of the University’s mission. Our specific goals are:

  1. To aggressively recruit high-ability students from high schools and community colleges within Maryland, the mid-Atlantic region, the nation at large, and internationally ; and within Morgan State University itself;
  2. To bridge communication gaps and work collaboratively with the University community to increase retention and graduation rates of high-ability students;
  3. To help Honors students identify and prepare competitive applications for prestigious scholarships (Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, etc.) and study abroad opportunities;
  4. To assist students in seeking leadership opportunities that will lay the foundation for a lifelong commitment to civic engagement and enlightened leadership in whatever their chosen fields may be.