What is the ACCESS Orientation Program?

The ACCESS Orientation Program provides information to students and their parents in reference to the colleges and schools of the University, the Morgan State University student experience, financial aid including FAFSA information, placement testing, academic advisement, and career development. Additionally, students will participate in online and virtual activities and workshops to include topics such as college transition, school spirit, study skills, and time management strategies. It is expected that at the end of the online, virtual ACCESS Orientation Program students will have all the necessary tools and resources required for their enrollment at the University, as well as for their first year of academic success. The ACCESS Orientation Program pledges to increase access to college for a diverse student population, prepare students for their college matriculation, and provide a head start for students on the path to academic success. It is expected that the campus-wide ACCESS Orientation Program for freshmen which incorporates best practices in higher education will yield outstanding results for the entire undergraduate student population.

This year, due to the financial hardship caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, there is only a non-refundable $100 registration fee for all ACCESS Orientation Program participants who register before June 14. The Orientation will be COMPLETELY ONLINE, virtual ACCESS Orientation Program; late fees may be applied after June 14. 

  • Following the deadline for registration on June 14th, registered ACCESS Students will receive an introductory email with instructions outlining the ACCESS Orientation Program.
  • Students will recieve a series of emails to their Morgan email address from the ACCESS Orientation Program Coordinator, each providing information on a required activity and/or component of the orientation to be completed by a specific deadline(Typically 3-5 business days).
  • ACCESS Students will take the Freshman Placement Examination that is required for all Morgan freshmen. 
  • Once students have completed every component of the online, virtual orientation program, they will receive an ACCESS Orientation Program Certificate of Completion.

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It is absolutely critical that you carefully read all of the instructions listed above COMPLETELY BEFORE YOU BEGIN your ACCESS Orientation registration process. You must follow the instructions in the link above exactly to register for ACCESS Orientation! Once you begin the registration process, you will have exactly 15 minutes to complete the registration including entering payment before you are locked out of the system for a full 24 hours. Have your credit card payment in hand and ready when you begin. Every time you attempt to re-enter the ACCESS portal before the 24 hours have elapsed, the 24 hour lock out period restarts. So if you are locked out please PATIENTLY WAIT 24 hours! Online credit card payment via WebSis is THE ONLY METHOD OF PAYMENT FOR THE ACCESS PROGRAM. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAY ANY OTHER WAY! THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE FEE. Once you make your payment check your official Morgan email for the reference receipt. DO NOT RE-ENTER THE ACCESS WEBSIS PORTAL to confirm registration! The emailed reference number is your only receipt and confirmation. You may email access@morgan.edu should you have any questions. Thank you.

ACCESS registration is now closed for 2021

Register now using the link below:

Please Email ACCESS@Morgan.edu for additional information.

Hear from our students below;

For more information about the ACCESS Orientation Program, please contact the Office of Student Success and Retention via email at access@morgan.edu. Thank you!

Morgan State University considers the health and welfare of our campus community and guests to be of the utmost importance. As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are making efforts to ensure the safety of our campus community and our guests. As such, the Office of Student Success and Retention is providing full service remotely via our various online and virtual resources. Please email the Retention Coordinator for your college/school directly or email access@morgan.edu for all OSSR services. Additional information on how Morgan is handling this situation can be found at https://www.morgan.edu/coronavirus.